Reasons for Flu in Older Adults

Reasons for Flu in Older Adults

Studies have indicated that older age group is more likely to suffer from the effects of the flu than young people and even young children. The cough reflex, which is a protective function of the body, is very weak in an elderly person. Respiratory viruses usually begin their attack from the respiratory tract. The mucous membrane is affected which triggers a runny nose, the nature of the appearance of which is this: epithelial tissue using microvilli and protective mucus tries to remove the cause of the infection.

An elderly person feels unpleasant. This causes itchy sensations in the nose. Tickling gives way to a powerful cold. This will be the first symptom of ARVI. One should not confuse it with the onset of flu, because with it the trachea and bronchi are exposed to a virus attack, i.e. lower respiratory system. A sore throat is considered to be more of a childhood disease. Adults, and especially the elderly, are less susceptible to it. All right, but it’s not about the formation of a certain immunity. It’s all about the features of age changes. With pains in the throat, a protective reaction of the tonsils of the pharyngeal ring occurs. With their folded surface, they hold back a huge number of viruses and microbes.

If this protection did not help, then the infection goes down below and affects the larynx, the trachea, and a cough appears. So the body is trying to get rid of pathogenic particles. The voice becomes hoarse, the temperature appears. Most often for healthy people, the trouble ends there, only the weakened and the elderly continue to acquire bronchitis, pneumonia.

Why do older people get the flu?

In the elderly, the protective function of the body is reduced. The epithelium of the mucous membrane becomes thinner, the blood circulation of the mucous membrane worsens, and the degree of its secretion with bactericidal factors of antibodies decreases. The protective barrier thins and easily passes pathogens. The tonsils, which in childhood caused so much trouble, are now gradually being replaced by connective tissue. Older people do not have severe pain in the throat, but there is no protective barrier for influenza pathogens. Symptoms are mild in the form of dryness and sore throat. If the pain is felt in the ear and a feeling of congestion is added, then it may perhaps be the case of middle ear infection. Supplemental coverage for seniors: These 2019 Medicare supplement plans allow older folks above 65 cover costs for example co-insurance, deductible, etc.